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by Moghendhim and Captain England



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Name: Moghendhim Phandri
Age: 98
Race: Deep Drow Elf
Occupation: Bard

Moghs is not your average Deep Drow. In fact, he's very little like his evil, backstabbing bretheren, in that he wears glasses, plays the violin, and considers himself quite the ladies' man. Unfortunately for him, surface girls don't like their boys in quite that shade of obsidian...


Name: Myrkabah
Age: 124
Race: High Elf
Occupation: Weaponsmaster

Myrkabah is obnoxious, impulsive, and alarmingly effective. He really, really hates Drow, especially Deep Drow, and is alarmed to have met one on the surface. He thinks Moghs is a spy for an upcoming invasion, but begins to doubt that in light of the bard's perpetual ineptitude.


Name: Zalia
Age: 22
Race: Half-Aquan
Occupation: Bard

Zal is fairly average, for a bard, in that even her parentage is chaotic. She's Moghs's big crush, and you'll hear about her later...


Name: Kushiya Yusan
Age: 160
Race: Moon Elf
Occupation: Evoker

Kushiya is brutal and cruel enough to be kin to Moghs, if only he weren't surface born... It'll take some time before we get anywhere near Kushiya, but I wanted to post the sketch before I lost it in the piles of paper on my desk.


Any relation to your characters, game, mother-in-law, etc. is probably coincidental, unless you're one of my players, in which case I'm making fun of you. May cause discolouration of reality. Do not read while drinking hot liquids; Ostian Adventures will not be held responsible for nasal scalding.

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