Ostian Adventures
by Moghendhim and Captain England



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AGE: 24
OCCUPATION: Student/Writer (As in, "prove you're a...")
LIKES: Synthpop, Shoegazer, Thai Food, Cats, the 80's, Looney Toons, Cyberpunk novels, Purple
DISLIKES: People, R&B, Dogs, 18th Century novels, Yellow

Moghendhim is an overworked, unpaid college student from The Wasteland. He can't wield a pencil worth a damn, but after running the game Ostian Adventures is based on for two years, he couldn't resist sharing the ... um ... humour with the rest of the world. Luckily, his mad plot-fu skills have attracted Real Artist (tm) and roommate Captain England to the comic.

He likes cats, and currently, two live with him -- Ping and Meryn, but Meryn is England's cat. Moghendhim hopes, one day, to be able to draw cats, but that's about as likely as a rain of pickled grapes. And, speaking of pickles, he thinks those are a great idea, too.

If you really like this comic, the thing he'd like most is some fan art, or maybe a tin of hummus. He'll take what he can get.

Captain England

AGE: 23
OCCUPATION: Artist/Animation Historian

England is the Artist. This is the man with the mad pencil-wielding skills, and the kung-fu art of colour. Someday, he'd like to go to Cal-Arts, and become an animator, but that day is not today...

Any relation to your characters, game, mother-in-law, etc. is probably coincidental, unless you're one of my players, in which case I'm making fun of you. May cause discolouration of reality. Do not read while drinking hot liquids; Ostian Adventures will not be held responsible for nasal scalding.

Ostian Adventures is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics. Oi, we like Keen, Keen is good.