Monday, November 15, 2004

[Moghendhim :: 9:29 PM]
If, for some random reason, you have an rss reader, and you'd like to know when Ostian Adventures updates, I've just discovered that we have an object for that. Just feed that to the reader, and you'll hear about it when we update... Unfortunately, it'll spam the [expletive deleted] out of you if we're in the middle of a site redesign... You have been warned.

For a more *accurate* view of our updates, there's a mailing list, hosted by the ever frabjous Incidental, who is now also hosting our forums. When trouble strikes, it's healthier if you know the admin... Anyway, in theory, this list should only accept input from me, and thusly, should only generate a message when there's a genuine update. If you discover that you can send mail to the list, and it actually goes through (instead of just sending you a nasty message about why you can't post), let me know.

[Moghendhim :: 1:17 AM]
Bwahahaha! Enland has finished the pencils for the next comic! Observe the change in style... Could it be that our artist has been *improving* while not drawing the comic? ::gasps::

God only knows when this will be coloured... or even when I'll get the script back long enough to add text.


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