Monday, August 16, 2004

[Moghendhim :: 2:26 AM]
=[EDIT]= The forums are down for the night. Not my fault. BBFree is updating their server, and everything should (note: should) come back on line some time tomorrow... Not that any of you berks have been posting in the forum...

::waves to the folks in from Underpower:: Hey, if you're in from the UP forums, drop a note in the chat on the side, so I can say hi the next time I blow through the forums... Startlingly, you guys represent about a quarter of our traffic that comes in on links from other sites.

Monday, August 09, 2004

[Moghendhim :: 2:38 AM]
::points at the left column::
Look! We have a vote button again! Push it like mad, my minions, we have much catching up to do!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

[Moghendhim :: 8:28 AM]
Weirdly, I hear there was fanart from _beren_ at some point in the past, but England's been sitting on that... Makes it hard to post things if they're lodged in someone else's e-mail account.

Yesterday was England's birthday! Celebrate, you bastages! ::coughs:: Er, what I mean to say is, thanks to Kiri and Mariko for the spiffy card that we're going to post as more filler, this afternoon. (Please, no kill the writer if I spelled your names wrong, hm?)

In other, less pleasant news, there are better comics that are even poorer than we are. If you were thinking of donating to us this month so that England can get a new computer, I ask instead that you throw your money at Vaz, from Underpower, because he needs it more than we do, right now. Shit, at least there's food in our fridge...


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