Sunday, April 18, 2004

[Moghendhim :: 10:17 PM]
Look, quick! We're working!

What I mean to say is, I've been posing for dead goblin sketches all day, so, I'm pretty sure England will have some comic for us soon. Unfortunately, right now, he's having dinner with my sister... In the mean time, you'll notice, I've been playing with the site design a little bit, and with any luck, we'll soon have a banner that is less full of suck, to go with the less sucking site design.

Ugh... cripplingly tired... must drink more mead. Oh, yeah, for all of you who knew about the unholy pineapple mead of mass destruction, it's finally finished, and we bottled it up this weekend. I put too much honey in it. Shame on me. I'm willing to pour a few glasses for interested parties (read: my players), next weekend, but keep in mind, I only have a liter.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

[Moghendhim :: 3:05 PM]
Yes, I will save that at a better resolution. Yes, England *is* going to fix the bleed on the first panel. (if I have to poke him with sticks...) But, right now, I have yet another two papers to kill off, and you have a colour comic featuring the 1337 Elven Weaponmaster, and me getting tossed by goblins. What more could you want in a comic?

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

[Moghendhim :: 12:22 PM]
::mutter::mutter:: Here, look, England's working... I built a gallery page last night to show off his sketches, so you won't think he's completely ignoring the project. Yes, you can steal my code, it took for fucking ever to get it to work right, and I wouldn't wish that horror on anyone else.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

[Moghendhim :: 1:45 PM]
I confess, I am a damn fool. I totally spaced the need for a 'home' link in the nav bar. I probably won't fix that immediately, but this is the reminder to myself to fix it in the site overhaul.

*bleargh* I have time off this weekend, and I fully intend to spend some with Faesh and Vas. Yes, guys, midterms are over, and the number of papers due next week is much smaller. I only have to write a pair of 3 page papers for next Thursday. Your DM is back in action. Sorry about all that shit, but I'll warn you in advance it's going to happen again at the beginning of May... just in time for finals.

Somehow, now that I have nothing to do for a couple of hours, I discover that I am bored, and have a deep-seated need to play Icewind Dale II.


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