Wednesday, March 31, 2004

[Moghendhim :: 2:37 PM]
[two midterms and a few hours of sleep later]

Nyargh! Urge to kill rising!

Ok, here's what it looks like: England is trying to figure out the most efficient way to draw the comic, so that we stand a chance of someday updating on time... in the mean time, we're going to be posting (at random) the in-between steps of getting this down to a science. Once we figure out how we need to be doing this, and have gotten a little ahead of ourselves (may we be so lucky), we're going in for a site overhaul, so we can add the nav buttons and a banner that's actually England's art; at that time, we're going to remove all the garbage, and re-post the first couple of comics. The filler and junk will be relegated to the gallery that will go up in the redesign.

This is the plan (tm). I just hope it works.

And now, back to the regularly scheduled suicide-by-midterm-essay...

Thursday, March 25, 2004

[Moghendhim :: 12:54 PM]
England has decided that he can't draw goblins worth a flying Philadelphia Potter Stuart, but he handed me some filler to put up in place of the comic we doubt will be done before the weekend. Yeah, we suck. Deal with it. I'd have posted this filler when I got it at 3 this morning, but I've been somewhere between the caulking gun and my textbooks all night, all morning, and most of the afternoon. I'm exhausted and I hate everything.

I have an exam to take in an hour... ::falls down dead from spite and sleep dep::

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

[Moghendhim :: 1:55 PM]
[long string of expletives] Well, kids, England passed out on the comic last night... Literally, at that. So, uhm... comic when he gets home from work and has a minute to sit down to work on it. Forgive our totally random update schedule, but I'm sure we'll be less random once we get the hang of how long it actually takes to turn out a page... and once we have a shower again. ::glances at the caulking gun::

::points at England:: Hey, it's all the artist. I've got content clear into next month...

::ducks the inevitable incoming ashtray::

Monday, March 22, 2004

[Moghendhim :: 6:53 PM]
I have some strange faith that England will actually manage to *ink* Wednesday's comic by tomorrow night, although I have absolutely no earthly idea what makes me so optimistic. Apologies for the condition of Saturday's, but strange and stupid things ensued... like the bathroom wall meeting the floor in a bad mexican wrestling match. It's been hectic, so we can't promise a schedule at the moment, but we're pretty sure we can still give you three a week.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

[Moghendhim :: 2:42 PM]
Much stickpokery ensues, and the Writer decides that Bastarda is not the font he is looking for. Your opinion, guys, does Viner Hand convey that Moghs is singing?

Anyway, the song in the first panel is ... uhm... actually I have no earthly idea. My grandmother thinks it's Soldier Song, but I just figured out that she's wrong. Anybody with a clue, lemme know, 'cause now it's stuck in my head...

[Moghendhim :: 5:33 AM]
::curses::curses more::

[expletive] siteadmin is not working this morning, so I can't actually run a manual update. If it doesn't fix soon, you may miss the filler pencils we put up, and just get the real comic later today. Of course, if things go *really* poorly, you may just get comic... um... later... when things aren't broken.

Apologies and good night. Er, morning. Um, something...

[Captain England :: 5:23 AM]
Argh! Sooo sleepy! Comic take too long! But we finally got it up. Sort of. Finally got the pencilling done. Inking and text to come later. Pencil for viewey-viewey soon. If the system lets moghs in anyway. Been a long long night for Moghs and I. And now the sun is up. Expect to see minor shifts in the style -slash- character models as the comic progresses. In the mean time bed... calling. Yes. Sleep goood.

Friday, March 19, 2004

[Moghendhim :: 6:57 PM]
England's at work, I'm desperately trying to kill off some last minute papers that are due next week, and if we're really lucky, the comic will update early tomorrow morning. I don't know, pester England about it, he's gotta draw the thing.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

[Moghendhim :: 5:19 PM]
It's not that we're not working... England and I spent last night making framing decisions, and plot jokes until ridiculous in the morning. It's just that it's a good day for Guinness, and I see very few things getting done, today. ::grins::

Monday, March 15, 2004

[Moghendhim :: 3:18 PM]
Ok, the word is that we'll be trying to do MWF next week. I've already scripted it, and I'm just waiting on England, now. 'Course, as usual, the artist is under moderately more pressure in general than little ol' writer me.

Got some more of my profoundly hideous crap going up for St. Patty's. It's a holiday. It needs filler... of course this makes it more difficult to excuse the fact that I *didn't* draw any filler for Pi Day, or the Ides... Well, ok, it's still the Ides of March, maybe I can knock something off by tonight, but no promises, ok?

Saturday, March 13, 2004

[Moghendhim :: 4:29 AM]
::points at previous post:: That's England. He's taken over illustrating this thing. However, we may go a few days lacking an update, while he learns the characters and the story. One can never be sure about these things...

And, now, I go try to cram in some sleep before I help someone move, in the morning.

[Captain England :: 2:00 AM]
Testing how this works.

Friday, March 12, 2004

[Moghendhim :: 4:31 PM]
This is a test post. I am looking for a better way to get news and commentary on the front page, and I noticed that this seems to be the most common option. If anybody's got a better thought, let me know.

Oh, yeah, we got a *real* pencil ninja to handle the art from here on in. With any luck, he'll teach me how to draw stuff, too. I hate sucking.


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